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Amazing creatures by Nataša Mortvanski VIII-3 (2012/2013)

Using the latest equipment and current knowledge, scientist made a fascinating study of the misunderstood and little studied beings that have lived in all parts of our planet for centuries- the teenagers.

theEnd 033The teenagers are very unpredictable creatures. One of their characteristics is that they change their mood very often. They are very sociable and they spend a lot of time in groups.
Their natural habitat is usually small and messy room with at least one electronic device connected to the Internet. Their now extinct ancestors had fun playing various outdoor games, but in the last century they found a new interest – technology. Interesting fact is that they can manage through the day without food and water. But with no electronics, their survival is at risk.

They are very different when it comes to dressing. They love to experiment with their clothing.
Teenagers are really relaxed creatures and they don’t get upset about things that are extremely important. Food is very important for every teenager. Because of their dynamic life, they mainly survive on fast food and drinks of the unknown origin. The place that you can always find them is the institution in which they are forced to go by their older members of the community – the school. It is this place where they learn skills they will need if they want to survive in their own society. Weekend is their favourite part of the week. Then, the older members of the community let them do whatever they want. It’s time for fun. They really love to sleep and when they are tired, they can be very aggressive.

We’ll never know what’s hidden in the minds of these amazing creatures. However, they can be very useful to their community – you just need to understand them and adjust a little.

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Okružno takmičenje 2015

Okružno takmičenje učenika osnovnih škola iz stranih jezika održano je u nedelju 29.03.2015. godine. Za Južnobački okrug, takmičenje je održano u OŠ “Miroslav Antić” u Futogu, a na njihovom sajtu su i objavljeni rezultati. Test možete pogledati ovde, a nadam se da će uskoro biti objavljen na sajtu Društva za strane jezike i književnost Srbije.

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About Friendship by Ognjen Alimpić VIII-4 (2014)

I’m a sociable person but it’s hard to find a real friend. Some people might think its easy, but its not.

In my opinion the most important qualities in a friendship are honesty, loyalty, kindness and a good sense of humour. I like people who are kind, loyal, honest. It reminds me how people can be nice to each other. For me friends are less important then my family but they are still very important to me. I don’t get on well with people who want to control my life, who are unkind and people who like to make fun of others. It makes me angry when people are so mean. My friends and I don’t agree on become_a_friendeverything. We sometimes fight and argue but we really get on well with each other.

I think most people want friends who respect their opinion and who will always support them. I would like that too, but we can’t always have what we want. So it’s better to accept our friends as they are, rather then not have any friends at all.

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About friendship by Lea Rusov VIII-3 (2014)

For me, friends are as important as family. My family always supports me and loves me unconditionally and I now my friends do too. I’ve met many different people and I keep in touch with most of them. I think I’m very open-minded and I like to hear other people’s opinion. But, when it comes to my close friends, I don’t like when someone is talking bad about them.

friendsI’m aware nobody’s perfect, but my friends have all good qualities. They are always honest with me and I appreciate that. All of them are intelligent and independent young people. They are hardworking and they take their commitments seriously. But, when we’re spending our free time together, they’re funny and easy-going. We all like the same things and have the same opinions. Although we have almost the same personalities, we know how to have fun and we never get bored of each other. Every time we hang out I feel happy and free. Sometimes I really think they’re my escape from reality.

These days, when people fake everything: smiles, feelings and even friendships, I’m lucky I’ve found true friends. I love them so much. I love them because they stayed by my side, despite the facts I’m sometimes very difficult to deal with.

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My holiday by Slobodan Vučenović VI-9 (2014)

Last summer I went to Montenegro with my family. I am a good swimmer so the waves weren’t a problem. I swim through them like a rocket but the only problem was that I get tired fast.

waves_spray_salt_aerosol_bigOne morning I woke up and I went to the beach really early so no one was there.I had the whole beach for myself. I was practicing my speed, my energy and my breath holding and I was doing this every morning until the last day. That last day waves were so big I was banned from going to the water. But I was laying on the beach and the waves just pushed me. It was so funny. That day was soon over and the next day we went to Bosnia and Herzegovina. We went to Banja Luka to my uncle and aunt’s house. I played football and basketball. We stayed there for a week. We had a barbeque and a football tournament.

I had a great time and I wanted to stay there forever, but good things don’t last too long. When I got back home I was happy. This holiday was an adventure but the next holiday might be even better, you never know.

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A strange dream by Vuk Svorcan VIII-3 (2014)

I dream really rarely, that’s probably because I’m too tired to remember it, but when I dream and remember what I have dreamed, I dream unbelievable things.

My dreams are always Lucid, I know what is going to happen in them and I can control it. Last dream I remember was really awesome and scary. I went to my friend’s house, and when I reached it some masked people started chasing me. I was faster than them. Soon, they realized that they couldn’t catch me and they pulled their pistols out. They started shooting me, and every time they tried to shoot me, I stopped the time and moved away from the bullet. I stopped the time several times, but I couldn’t do that forever, because it was really absorbing my energy. They continued shooting, I continued stopping the time. I was moving slow now because of the energy loss. Their 36th shot succeeded. They shot me because I didn’t have enough energy to stop the time Time-is-goneagain.

I love to dream, and I enjoy dreaming because when I do, I can experience something totally unrealistic.


Opštinsko takmičenje 2014

Čestitam svim učenicima koji su učestvovali na Opštinskom takmičenju iz engleskog jezika. Po mnogima je ovogodišnji test bio isuviše težak. Kao i svake godine bilo je polemike ne samo oko težine testa, već i oko ocenjivanja. Kako to da se u nekim okruzima nešto priznavalo, a u drugim ne? Jedan od zadataka (da, da, potpuno isti) je bio prošle godine na državnom (republičkom) takmičenju u Hrvatskoj.  Dodaću samo to da se u Hrvatskoj engleski jezik uči sa tri časa nedeljno.

U svakom slučaju, test sa ovogodišnjeg Opštinskog takmičenja možete pogledati OVDE, pa procenite sami.

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Friendship by Elena Ignjatić VIII-5 (2012/2013)

Hi, my name is Elena. I’m quite a sociable person. I have a lot of friends, and sometimes we all hang out together.

In my opinion, the most important qualities in a friendship are honesty, patience, loyalty and kindness. I like people who like the same things as I do. But I also have some friends who are different than me. I don’t get on well with people who listen to metal and folk music.

My friends are my support in some situations. For example, I had a test in French and I didn’t study much, but my friends helped me. I got an A.

Having friends in my life is very important thing. I love all my friends.

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Friendship by Jelena Novaković VIII-4 (2012/2013)

I’d like to think I’m quite a sociable person. I like to meet a lot of new people all around the world. When you go abroad you can always find some new friend to speak, laugh and spend time with. You can also have a pen friend – I think he or she can also be a friend, even if you don’t spend much time together.

In my opinion, the moist important qualities in a friendship are love, honesty and patience. Of course, friends should respect each other and each other’s opinion. I like people who are kind and honest. Do you sometimes ask yourself why do you spend time with your friends, why do you love them, or if you don’t – why not? Maybe some of them are too ambitious, selfish or unkind. All people have some positive and some not so positive characteristics, and we should love each other all the same.

How can one argument or fight make your friendship stronger? Here is something that happened to me. I once went to the swimming pool with my brother, his friend and the friend I’ve known for fourteen years (in fact, I’ve known for all my life). I can’t even remember why we started that argue, but I slapped her with a towel and she threw her goggles at me. We didn’t speak that afternoon, but she later called me and told me she was sorry, and I told her I was sorry too. Anyway, the point is that we both felt bad after that fight. Even in bad times you should believe that your friendship is strong enough to help you get through.

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